Friday, February 6, 2015

Bay Photo Calendars

Every year between New Years and Groundhogs Day (Feb 2nd) Bay Photo offers their very nice calendars at a 40% discount. This year I decided to produce a 2015 –2016 bird photography calendar featuring birds in and around our Minnetonka neighborhood. While they only offer four different calendar types the quality of their products is superb. 

Bay Photo website

Bay Photo uses the ROES (Remote Order Entry System) from Soft Works. ROES is a JAVA based application that offers a remote user the ability to precisely select crops and rotations of their images within products. The ROES interface loads quickly and works well. Building a calendar is as easy as up-loading a folder of images and then dragging and dropping them on the template. Bay allows you to start your calendar on any month. The finished calendar is then ordered from right inside the ROES system. My calendar starts with March 2015 and ends with February 2016 (they will be sold as a part of fundraiser for Gethsemane Lutheran Church… on Feb 21st).

Bay Calendars

You can download a nice “rendered” version of the individual pages after the calendar is finished. I’ve used these images to produce the promotional page here. The actual calendars are beautifully printed on nice heavy paper stock and look fantastic. A link to a Smugmug album containing the images below…

Promo Doc

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